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Smart Card Internet application solutions
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                                            Smart Card Internet application solutions

Smart card application in the cafe with the development of Internet technology, rich network information, the number of Internet users is also showing the next generation of high-speed growth trend, while Internet use of this smart card membership business model has long been the majority of users accepted. 
Aims to provide the majority of Internet users access the service fee cafes or internet cafe with a relaxed and comfortable environment and high-speed Internet access and convenient services to attract more and more users to patronize, especially in our country so that individuals have limited computer, the number of Internet users under the circumstances would be quite large, and the smart card has not yet been applied to the field of Internet cafes, Internet cafes model has been rapid development, from the initial few computers, and now dozens, or even hundreds of computers are likely not meet require Internet cafes staff, which created the economic benefits of the Internet is generally good, the situation is becoming more and more optimistic, so more people into the field, the competition between the industry also will be intensified. 
         But with the intensified competition between the industry, the management of the Internet has also become a troublesome issue for Internet cafe owners, especially cafe billing management situation is not optimistic, the general management of Internet cafes is the first on the plane after checkout or accept deposits, under the machine before checkout, so someone does not say debts, management mess, and sometimes charge Internet cafes and games are different, so as to help make people care, the problem is obvious, for Internet cafe owners have more than an Internet cafe management, became owners of Internet cafes is the problem. 
The emergence of smart card membership is in line with monitoring the implementation of the management to provide comprehensive, reliable, convenient and efficient management tools for management, but also to meet the needs of Internet business, providing a range from monitoring to billing solutions. Smart Card membership between the management and the Internet to establish a good interaction, regulate Internet cafes operating in the right direction, I introduced contactless reader from reading and writing to a series of inductive devices, the success of many of the software system for the company's Internet smart Card membership management and billing software smart card cafes, made a very good effect on the market. 
        The following table is our smart cards for Internet cafes membership management and billing software for smart cards some product comparison: