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Video card applications in the automotive industry 4S shop
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                                              Video card applications fitness venues

In an increasingly competitive market environment, some of the swimming pool, gym have to think through the short-term price reduction strategies to stimulate consumer spending, however, has little short-term price-cutting strategy to swimming pool, gym benefits, swimming around the hall, gym are introduced at different times markdowns activities or the introduction of different price ratios at the same time, this price reduction strategy allows consumers to switch from one to another swimming pool swimming today, it went this discount home consumption, tomorrow discount house and ran to that house to spend. 
        Consumers wandering among the many swimming, swimming pool and no one truly their own stable, loyal customer base. 
        To this end, it should establish a kind of swimming pool of their own stable of loyal customer group? Swimming should also how to develop these customer groups it? How to make perfect through existing membership card system? Perfect for swimming and membership card features consumers will bring what added value? 
        To establish such a customer base, a unique service approach is essential, common membership card can be fixed part of the customer, but still far short of the established business objectives, today's market is the rise of a visual card , this card can simultaneously record and display customer consumption information, customers can see their consumer information on the card surface, businesses can own promotional information along with the card spread to all corners, and this card also played a saving and environmental protection role, easy to carry; 
        Today, one of the few swimming pool using this card, if this card is still in the slow phase when the first use, will be able to seize a large number of unstable old customers, a lot of new customers also got wind, then often use some promotions to the card as a medium of publicity, in the fitness industry must be able to occupied large market. 
The main advantage of video card: 
One, instant issuance for customers to experience the technology that brings instantaneous personalized charm, saving production costs and time, beautifully printed, highlighting the high-end cardholders grade; 
Second, members of consumer information can own hands, business integrity management; 
Three, PET, PVC materials, reflect the corporate philosophy of environmental protection; 
Fourth, the card face the window to take the most advanced technology, can achieve at any time to see the integration of information, facilitate customer inquiries, and enhance the interaction between the mall between customers, thereby maintaining loyal customer relationships, increase sales; 
Five, video cards can be repeatedly printed - erase 500 times, substantial investment promotion costs, improve marketing efficiency; 
Six, build electronic platforms, increase loyalty cards, stored value cards, and many other select revenue model; 
Seven, by one to one communication, effective access to loyal customers, based on our existing businesses using the system statistics, the use of visual smart membership card, the customer back consumption growth is 18.6-27.1%; 
Eight, can provide each different variety of advertising or event announcements, not only save money, but also brought huge profits, relatively stable source for businesses to provide a strong cash flow to support; 
Nine, the application of new technology to bring unique brand to attract a large number of new customers.