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IC card solutions for telecommunications billing inquiry
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                          IC card solutions for telecommunications billing inquiry

IC card system consists of telecommunications billing inquiry calls to query and reception IC card payment two modules. Due to the use of IC cards, IC card reader (KS600) and Intranet technologies, system configuration flexibility, easy to maintain and adapt to business changes, low-cost network construction. The system has been put into use in the southwestern part of China telecommunications company. 
         With the continuous development of China's communications industry, a sharp increase in the number of users, users pay the bill and advisory services made some comments and recommendations can be summarized as follows: 
        Time to focus on payment, payment users to increase, leading to more crowded during the payment business lobby, user fees required for a long time; when the payment of self-reported number, user inconvenienced, higher staff error rate, the larger the intensity of work, user satisfaction than at the end; fewer charges outlets, users can not nearest to pay, affect the company's sales, while the indirect cause higher arrears rate; Advisory is mainly done by the number of reception staff, service means relatively simple, small service capacity can not meet user Claim. 
        In order to improve the level of service and corporate image, to provide users with a convenient bill payment and search platform, mobile phone calls management modernization, improve work efficiency, in order to attract more customers. My company provides IC card reader and related technical support, the successful development of user queries and automatic toll collection system with communications companies. Users can easily swipe bill payments and inquiries, communications companies can be efficient and safe handling bill collection and query operations. 

        Here is part of the design process IC card: 
        Purposes and principles of the 
        This module is facing charges reception staff communications company, requires clear and concise interface, easy to operate. Since this module involves financial management, but it is also the transaction processing software, should focus on operation efficiency and system security, stability. The purpose of this module is designed to achieve IC card management, front fees, business query and report generation, stop complex machine processing, collection processing and other functions. 

        Functional Design 
        1.IC Card System Management 
        Application security management, rights management operator. 
        Application parameters, function customization. 
        Check background records operator. 
        The operator issued cards. 
        2.IC card management 
        Achieve IC card issuance, cancellation, report the loss, renewal, unlock other operations. 
        3 Reception fees 
        Implement user IC card holders pay the bill, support for cash, checks, collection (and various other) forms of payment means. 
        With charges prepaid functionality. 
        Automatic calculation of charges payable, the change is automatically put into this bill paid a fraction, but also the flexibility to deal with the change user's requirements. 
        Provide query function calls depending on the level of the operator. 
        Flexibility to deal with late fees. 
        Generate and print daily report, the operator business reports. 
        With remote networking capability to the remote site networking to achieve these functions via a telephone line. 
        4 business inquiries and generate statistical reports 
        By Category query tree, the query results list, in the form of statistical reports for business people to provide a universal query statistical tools. Technical personnel to fully customize queries and print reports, ready to meet business needs. 
        5 downtime, complex machine processing 
        IC card management system in accordance with the relevant provisions of generating downtime, complex machine bill for the staff for processing. 
        6. collection process 
        Generate a collection of disk collection calls to the relevant units of processing. According to the relevant units returned buyback disk, handling the collection of users, then a single library. 

        Security Design 
        Applications open the corresponding functions depending on the operating authority operator logged in hypervisor preset.
        All business operations background records operator, examination and supervision by the hypervisor. 
        Users set the PIN code protection IC card, IC card data as a whole using the DES encryption algorithm. 
        Remote data exchange using encryption pass. 
        Permissions of the application by the IC card system management program centralized management. 
        Program the operating parameters recorded into the central database, IC card application can not operate independently from the central database. 
        Operator to perform sensitive operations using privileges IC card as a system login tools.